Capturing the heart of the American Spirit requires a nation of like-minded people coming together to support each other in their local communities. We intend to UNITE and CELEBRATE America by honoring the selfless service of fellow Americans every day. Our country was built on the premise that hard work, freedom and community make a great nation. So we are setting out to reignite that sentiment, and tell those stories — shouting from the rooftops all the great work that so many unsung heroes do quietly. 

The Heroes Alliance was created to unite every day community heroes with those who support them — a place where local patriots, military, veterans, first responders, and educators can be supported, can share resources and gather information. 

Funds generated through the Heroes Alliance Network will be used to support the H-A-N-D Foundation.

Who are Community Heroes?

We, here at HAND Alliance, believe that Community Heroes fall into two categories. Through their collective selfless efforts we are provided for in mind, body and spirit:

  • Regular Citizens who go above and beyond for the benefit of their communities

  • People who served in uniform in some capacity: active, reserve, volunteer, retired and veteran military, law enforcement, firefighters, doctors, nurses, EMTs, clergy, and educators. Veteran includes law enforcement, firefighters, etc., who served honorably for four or more years or those who are unable to perform their duties because of a work related injury (i.e., similar to medical retirement/discharge from the military).